Reporting on drug free treatments for their potency in removing psoriasis is the core objective of psoriasislife. Our psoriasis treatment suggestions are based on the research and observations of only reputable medical professionals and tested on psoriatics over long periods so we can share reliable results.


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going public with psoriasis

Going public with psoriasis

Having psoriasis and being in public are not always a comfortable combination. Our immediate response is either to hide behind ...
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psoriasis and mind body affirmations

Psoriasis and Crisis

There is an unfortunate yet distinct correlation between the state of our psoriasis and the state of our emotional wellness.  ...
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psoriasis conversations

Three conversation starters (or stoppers) about psoriasis

Humans are a naturally curious creature and will want to know all about anything that is outside of the ordinary.  ...
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The importance of hope when you experience psoriasis

Sometime the hope of healing is all we have left after exhausting our efforts to control and understand psoriasis. Focussing ...
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psoriasis and obesity link

Obesity is an important risk factor for psoriasis

There are many reasons why we may experience obesity – some are within and some beyond our control, and somewhere ...
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psoriasis gel psoriasis lotion

Curcumin paste is the golden era of psoriasis gels and puts coal tar in the dark ages

As psoriatics we could use the occasional glimmer of hope and I am delighted to share a review of alternative ...
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psoriasis hypertension high blood pressure

Managing high blood pressure associated with psoriasis

There is a link between high blood pressure and psoriasis Research results showed that the more severe the psoriasis, the higher ...
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psoriasis skin relief psoriasis pain and psoriasis lesions

Relieving psoriasis skin

Psoriasis on the skin can be painful, and from my own personal experience, a combination of cold, dry, windy weather ...
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psoriasis diet to treat psoriasis

Severity of psoriasis is linked to the types of fats and carbs we eat

Studies of psoriasis patients have linked more severe cases of psoriasis with a higher consumption of simple carbohydrates and saturated ...
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psoriasis triggers risk of psoriasis flare up reduce risk of psoriasis

7 factors that trigger psoriasis

There is a pleasant synergy between the viewpoint of alternative and natural medicine and the findings of clinical research. Psoriasis ...
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psoriasis treatment curcumin turmeric

Curcumin shows excellent therapeutic effect on psoriasis

More than 50% of inflammatory factors of psoriasis are decreased by curcumin treatment. A study into the efficient treatment of psoriasis ...
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We have a lot of keratinocytes

Is it just me or is my hyperproliferation of keratinocytes bothering you too? The precise cause of psoriasis is still unknown ...
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safe psoriasis treatment

Things that should not get under your skin

Human skin’s most important function is as a defence organ to prevent outside compounds from entering into our body, however ...
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psoriasis healing no-money-no-time-no-worries-v1

No money, no time, now worries

This poster is dedicated to the poor souls who write to let me know that their psoriasis makes them feel ...
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psoriasis diet and psoriasis nutrition

The glorious 7 and the inglorious 7

When it comes to diet and nutrition for psoriasis, there are winners and losers among the things we put into ...
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psoriasis diet

Does what we eat pass the litmus test for psoriasis?

The daily diet of the psoriasis and arthritic psoriasis patients should consist of 80 percent alkaline forming foods and 20 ...
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Some words of encouragement

We can all do with some encouragement, so here is mine to you. Make a plan, stay with it for at ...
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Eat oil, sun soak and slap on a lotion for psoriasis relief

There is strong evidence to suggest that psoriasis is an immune-mediated disorder and the role of the immune system as the ...
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If you knew that medical professionals knew little about psoriasis, would you want to know more yourself?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) Global Report on psoriasis shows concern about a lack of awareness of health professionals. Based ...
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Psoriasis people living with psoriasis

125 million people with psoriasis and no known cure – say who?

It’s been an intense year of study and research dedicated to people living with psoriasis and I am ready to ...
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What happened to my skin

What happened to my skin?

You happened. You control your food, emotions and thoughts and therefore you control your cure. Foods in your psoriasis healing regime ...
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psoriasis drug free chemical free psoriasis environment

Testing our environment for psoriasis triggers

Today I’ll be boarding a 41 foot yacht with two dear friends in Fiji and sailing 2000 kilometres to New ...
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psoriasis healing foods to avoid for psoriasis

Knowing this about nightshades may change your skin  

Nightshades trigger psoriasis Psoratics should avoid foods from the nightshade family. These include: Tomatoes Eggplant Potatoes Goji Berries Tobacco (oh, really?) ...
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