Regi Psoriasis Life Magazine 200hPsoriasisLife is in response to a World Health Organisation call out to support research into psoriasis to by building a psoriasis community where information is shared and feedback is looped.  We understand there is currently no known cure and that claims of remedies and quick fixes are not sustainable, are costly to health and to personal finances.

This magazine compiles 35 years of my own personal psoriasis journals, keeping what worked and blacklisting the experiments on my skin that were failures. For 35 years I have fine tuned vital aspects of psoriasis healing in consultation with allied health professionals and other fellow psoriatics. This data is consolidated with peer reviewed scientific research wherever possible, treating your healing from a science approach, as well as a mindset aspect.

We are itching to share this information with you.

The aspects will be brought to you in magazine format with regular fresh content and opportunities to tell us your story. You will understand important facts about nutrition, gut health, detoxifying, exercise, environment and mindset and the role they play in whether you have psoriasis, or not.

The treatments we will be publishing are not commercial products and are affordable plant based remedies that you can make yourself.

Some exceptions include emergency pharmaceutical rescue remedies to get you through some rough patches – no pun intended.

The good news is that it’s free and because I did the human experimentation and peer reviewed research on your behalf, it won’t take you 35 years to see the improvements in your skin and overall wellbeing.

In loving health,