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The glorious 7 and the inglorious 7

When it comes to diet and nutrition for psoriasis, there are winners and losers among the things we put into our bodies

It is a common and misguided belief that when we have a health problem we need to take in some substance in order to heal, and overlook that it is equally important to leave out the offenders that are likely to be causing our psoriasis.  It may be that your entire healing depends on what you stay away from.

The inglorious 7

These are the villains. Based on first-hand accounts of the experiences of psoriasis patients and on the research of Dr John Pagano, there are 7 distinct offenders when dealing with psoriasis. Each can easily (and definitely should be) avoided:

  1. Saturated fats such as red meats and processed meats
  2. Nightshades
  3. Sweets
  4. Smoking
  5. Alcohol
  6. Processed foods
  7. Fried foods

If you respond the way I do, you will be surprised at how your psoriasis improves in a matter of days by avoiding these foods. Study each culprit, record your response in your psoriasis journal and do yourself a favour by avoiding these. 

The glorious 7

These are the good guys that can boost your ability to eliminate psoriasis:

  1. Fresh water and plenty of it. 6 glasses a day or more and preferably with lemon juice
  2. Vegetables, (particularly green leafy vegetables, and preferably raw), and tubers. The ratio of your vegetable intake should be 3 that grow above the ground to one that grows below the ground.
  3. Fresh fruit because these are your body cleaners. (Be aware of your personal requirements if you experience candida, yeast-fungi overgrowth or need to control your blood sugar levels)
  4. Fish, poultry and lamb as animal protein. Vegetarians may combine brown rice and beans to make a complete protein.
  5. Probiotics with active cultures.
  6. Olive oil, garlic and lemon juice (right there is a delicious salad dressing!)
  7. Whole grain breads only, however only small portions

Disciplines and disclaimers

Common sense prevails when it comes to nutrition, and if a particular food causes an undesirable reaction it is to be avoided and recorded in your psoriasis journal – even if it appears on the ‘glorious’ list. Discipline should be maintained in the quantity as well as the quality of the food you consume.

It has long been obvious that these 14 foods play a significant role in healing psoriasis.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine upon whose philosophy modern medicine is founded, has given us this wisdom, “Let your food be your medicine – let your medicine be your food”.

Smooth skin wishes




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