We have a lot of keratinocytes

Is it just me or is my hyperproliferation of keratinocytes bothering you too?

The precise cause of psoriasis is still unknown however two causes are suspected:

  1. a genetic predisposition, or
  2. environmental triggers.

There are two key abnormalities in a psoriatic plaque:

  1. Hyperproliferation of keratinocytes, and
  2. An inflammatory cell infiltrate in which neutrophils and T lymphocytes predominate.

Both of these abnormalities can induce the other leading to a vicious cycle of keratinocyte proliferation and inflammatory reaction. Similar to the ‘chicken and egg’ debate, it is unknown which is first.

This basic concept may help you explain your condition to curious minds. If you’d like to get a little cheeky, it is also worth pointing out that keratin costs around $20 for a tiny 30 millilitres bottle and so at $660 per litre, psoriatic skin is more valuable than most people’s!

By understanding that environmental triggers may cause your psoriasis, I hope that you will be motivated to find a way to heal by changing the things we can. Our articles will explore known environmental trigger for psoriasis.

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