going public with psoriasis

Going public with psoriasis

Having psoriasis and being in public are not always a comfortable combination. Our immediate response is either to hide behind the psoriasis, or hide the psoriasis itself. I propose that you shine brightly from behind the psoriasis so that your skin and all its colourful layers go undetected.

My own experience as a college teacher and corporate workshop presenter has been to create a valuable and enjoyable experience for the audience that I am in front of. Their enjoyment then makes my experience under their gaze pleasant. However, no matter how thick skinned I lead myself to believe I am, my patchwork skin is still obvious and attracts curious stares.

There is a series of steps you can take to draw more attention toward your radiant personality and away from your skin.

Preparing your skin for a public event

One day before being in the public eye, have a magnesium bath soak to soften your skin and reduce inflammation. Towards the end of the bath, use a loofa to very gently loosen and remove excess layers of skin.

Gently dry and apply a ceramide rich oil such as wheat germ oil or rice bran oil. This will retain the moisture in your skin and slow down flaking and cracking.

Prepare your inner health

Take anti-inflammatory supplements such as omega 3 fish oil or curcumin combined with pepper, to reduce the thickness and redness associated with inflammation.

Clothing choices

Clothing can be your friend or foe. Whilst covering your skin lesions may seem like a good idea there are some things you need to avoid. Synthetic clothing, clothing with soluble dye and clothing that has been dry cleaned are known irritants of psoriasis.

Food choices

Leading up to your public exposure, eat foods that are easy to digest and have minimal to no processing, sugars or salts. Foods and beverages that are known to stimulate psoriasis outbreaks should be avoided. These foods include potatoes, tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, red meat, caffeine, tobacco and alcohol.

Preparing your mind

Having a positive attitude and confidence are the best form of distraction. This disposition can be achieved with positive affirmations, deep breathing and enough sleep in the lead up.

Just do it

I was recently interviewed for a business magazine article which required full-length photos of me. Unfortunately, this happened shortly after a psoriasis outbreak, which had invaded my lower legs. When I had put these techniques into action I felt prepared physically and mentally to be photographed and exposed in print. Surprisingly, during the photoshoot both the photographer and I didn’t realise that I had psoriasis. Do you?

Smooth skin wishes

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