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Psoriasis and Crisis

There is an unfortunate yet distinct correlation between the state of our psoriasis and the state of our emotional wellness.  Both trigger one another and we are sometimes unsure which happened first!

You may experience this first hand. Does your psoriasis become raised, red and itchy several days following an emotional ‘crisis’ such as anxiety, fear, anger or sadness? This is the link between psoriasis and crisis.

What we consider to be a crisis may be simply a hurdle to another person. We have complete control of the way we perceive a situation and this means we can allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by it, or not. Ironically people who have become resilient through their life experiences are less likely to become overwhelmed, and the worldview is that psoriasis sufferers are a resilient and strong bunch.

We can control our response to negative emotions much better than we can control our psoriasis so it makes sense to improve the way we manage crisis, so that we can improve our psoriasis.

Improving how we deal with crisis

Build your emotional armour at the start of each day

Begin your waking moments with gratitude. Regardless of your circumstances, you can be grateful simply because you have the gift of a new day, the ability to think and the hope of making things better. Sometimes the more we look, the more we see, and when we look through the lens of gratitude, our blessings become more obvious.

Create affirmations to use in case of emergency

Just like we have a first aid kit for the body, a bundle of personalised positive affirmations acts as a first aid kit for the emotions. These need to be prepared ahead of time and when you have a positive mindset such as after your morning gratitude. Writing your own personal affirmations will suit your situation and desired outcome, and speak directly to your subconscious. In case you experience writers-block, I have shared my affirmations to get you started.

Affirmation for a psoriasis break out

I am grateful that my body has the ability to heal itself and that I have control of my mind and emotions which will help in my healing. When I nurture my body with healthy foods and water, remove processed food and harmful products from my life and think positive thoughts, my body will begin to heal. This healing is inevitable.

Affirmation for conflict with another person

I am grateful for the strength I have within me and for the loving relationship that I have with myself. I take pride in being in control of my actions so that I always act with integrity. I know that sometimes people are on my life journey to give me lessons, build my resilience and make me stronger. I am grateful for them. I do not take anything personally except for my unconditional self-love.

Affirmation for fear of change

I accept that the only constant in life is change.  I am grateful that I am resilient and able to embrace change, finding ways to make the most of the change so that it is a benefit for me and those I care for.

Affirmation for fear of loss

I am grateful for the blessings that have been a part of my life journey. The memory of the joy they have given me will stay with me for as long as I choose. When my life loses something for which I am grateful, it creates a space where I can welcome new blessings that will soon fill the void.

The value of using affirmations

Since antiquity it has been a belief that negative emotional states can have an adverse impact on the body’s ability to function in a healthy way. Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) is the study of the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems of the human body. The science of PNI links medical disciplines such as psychology, neuroscience, immunology, physiology, genetics, molecular biology and psychiatry. This science provides evidence that the brain and body communicate with each other in a multidirectional flow of information that consists of hormones, neurotransmitters/neuropeptides, and cytokines.

Combining mind-body techniques such as positive affirmations, together with healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices can have a significant impact on health maintenance and disease prevention (1).

In gratitude

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  1. VITETTA, L., ANTON, B., CORTIZO, F. and SALI, A. (2005), Mind-Body Medicine: Stress and Its Impact on Overall Health and Longevity. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1057: 492–505. doi:10.1111/j.1749-6632.2005.tb06153.x

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