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Testing our environment for psoriasis triggers

Today I’ll be boarding a 41 foot yacht with two dear friends in Fiji and sailing 2000 kilometres to New Zealand. It is the ultimate test – no land, no pollution, no chemicals and no processed food for 2-3 weeks – long enough to test how environmental factors (and possibly some stresses based on ocean conditions) cause changes in psoriasis.

The core objective of psoriasislife is to test drug free alternatives for their potency in removing psoriasis from your life. As editor and chief psoratic, I have tested each of the recommendations on my own psoriasis for the previous 6 years and have journalled the results before I share them with you. My experiments are based on the research and observations of only reliable medical professionals. However, I am about to embark on an experiment that comes straight from the heart.

To prepare for this trial I have brought myself to a psoriasis free state, except for leaving those pesky spots on both upper thighs for something to work with. The trip will show whether this goes pear shaped (the psoriasis, not my thighs!) or whether I come out clean. I will journal how psoriasis reacts to mental stress and how it improves when pollutants are removed.

I can’t wait to share all about it with you on the flipside!

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